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Connecting with clients

Improved connections between professional services firms and your client organisations.


Others specialise in leverage, billing rates and such. That's vital, but if you've got that sorted, we help strengthen client connections. You may be client-focused from a 'firm' perspective; we offer a uniquely 'client' perspective.

Do you need Team Factors?
  • Pitching for a major client legal services tender/ RFP?
  • Need objective, unbiased advice about client needs?
  • Thinking about Connect®, a Key Client Program that works?

  • Want to bulletproof your key clients?
  • Want to migrate from client focus to client perspective?
  • Seeking independent advice about ways to stand out from the crowd?
  • Want personalised reports identifying exactly how your firm compares in the client perspective?
  • Want Team Connect® - a unique program that helps connect your team's key motivating factors with top-level organisational goals?
If you answered 'yes' to any of these
  • Call us on +64 4 562 8444 or +64 27 241 1163; or
  • Email an outline of your key issues
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