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Connecting in-house and outside counsel
Current practice: Leading law firms regularly monitor and review major international surveys of in-house counsel, such as Seeing the world through clients’ eyes, a just-released study of major companies’ perceptions of the legal profession. (Copies can be ordered directly from www.nisus.net)


  • For law firms: Proactively offer to share the results of such surveys with key clients, and work together to address issues highlighted.
  • For legal departments: Invite your primary outside counsel to share with you the results of such surveys, and work together to address key issues.


Here, I envisage three sections. The first could be a ‘Latest tip’, featuring the latest practice tip. The other two sections (‘for professional services firms’ and ‘for in-house teams’), would each have a list of the titles of each practice tip, which when clicked on would produce the relevant tip.

If you have a practice tip that you would like to share, please click here to let us know. If we add it to this page, we will attribute it appropriately.

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