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We offer links for selected organisations we have been delighted to work with, without any representation as to services offered.

Law Management Grp Independent professional services consultancies
LegalBestPractice Law firm financial performance (NZ)
Simon Tupman Strategic business growth (NZ)
LawTune Up Legal research & website optimisation (NZ)
Validatum Pricing for professionals (NZ)
Blacksmith People strategies (NZ)
AllyGroup Litigation management & legal fees optimisation (AU)
David Maister Professional services (US)
Patrick McKenna Law firm strategy & practice management (Can)
Gerry Riskin Professional services (US)
Nisus Consulting Legal research/ management (UK)
IKD Management development (AU)
Kerma Partners Professional services (US)
Phoenix Legal Law firms and in-house (Can)
Levick SC Legal communications (US)
Hughes Consulting Business management (NZ)
Lex Australia Legal Dept practice management tools (AU)

CLANZ Corporate Lawyers' Association of New Zealand
ACLA (Aust) Australian Corporate Lawyers Association
ACC Association of Corporate Counsel (US, Europe)
CCCA Canadian Corporate Counsel Association
C&I  Group Commerce & Industry Group (UK)
ACLA (China) All China Lawyers Association (English version)
SCCA Singapore Corporate Counsel Association
HKCCA Hong Kong Corporate Counsel Association
ECLA European Corporate Lawyers Association
DCCG Dubai Corporate Counsel Group
CLASA Corporate Lawyers Association of South Africa
IBA (CCF) International Bar Association (Corp Counsel Forum)
MCCA Minority Corporate Counsel Association (US)

Global Women Association of women leaders (NZ)
Professionelle Website for corporate & professional women (NZ)

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