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In association with CLANZ and Brookers (now Thomson Reuters) the Connect™ Legal Salary Calculator is based on the results of extensive research conducted in late 2007 with over 2400 lawyer participants. With approximately 7000 invitations for around 9000 lawyers in law firms and in-house roles, this represents a response rate over 33% and the participation of a quarter of such lawyers nationwide. With nearly 2000 'core' participants for most key remuneration questions this represents the direct and active participation of about 20% of the entire targeted profession, from graduates to law firm partners and General Counsel. This was even higher for in-house lawyers; with the active participation of nearly 30% of the in-house profession, including over 115 General Counsel.



Key base remuneration results were sent to participants with logon and password details for the Connect Legal Salary Calculator.

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Access difficulties?

A few organisations' firewalls block access to the login page when clicking this button, and older internet connections sometimes can't utilise current Windows integrated authentication. We've changed settings to allow easier access, and the few remaining people with access issues from work computers experienced no difficulties at all from their home computers.



Robert Walters Legal Market Update Q3 2009 (UK) & legal salary survey results

Mahlab 2009 Legal Salary survey 2009 (Aust.)

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The Business of Law 2009




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